Removal of mirror connected to door for easier wrapping process

Mirror is one of the most difficult parts to wrap with vinyl wrap film among all hardware of a vehicle. But for some cars, such a tricky section is directly set on the door. Thus, you will then have a tricky mirror to wrap around, as well as a door that is challenging to get full coverage because a mirror is based on it.


In this situation, the best way is to remove the mirror before you wrap the door with vinyl wrap film. However, it seems there is no access point on the outside. Where should you start with this type of mirror?


Mostly, you can find a plastic cover at the base of the mirror, which is connected to the door. This cover is usually easy to pry off with a plastic removal tool. Once you take it off with the tool, you will see how the mirror is secured.


Usually, this kind of mirror is held on by several screws or bolts. Find a relevant tool to loosen them. Just be careful not to let the mirror fall off during the removal. As you remove the mirror from the surface of the door, you will see the wire from the inside. Find the connector and disconnect it.


Put the mirror in a safe spot. For example, put it inside of the car so that you will not damage it. (In this case, you can also wrap this mirror separately on a work table.) And you can now start wrapping the door with no stress because it is flat again.


When the vinyl wrap film is applied properly, get the mirror back in place, secure it, and put the plastic cover back. By now, everything is well done. Learn more about the removal of rare parts at

Removal of mirror connected to door for easier wrapping process