Reinstall hardware after vinyl wrapping with efficiency | TeckWrap

For certain sections of a vehicle, it might be good to remove the hardware if you want to achieve full coverage when wrapping with vinyl film. There might be quite a few screws, which can be tricky when reinstalling the part.


The screws can accidentally fall inside the vehicle, and it takes time and energy to get them back, then start all over again. But here are some ways to avoid this frustration and help you reinstall more efficiently:


Backing paper slice

Before getting the screws back, you can cut off a slice of scrap liner, fold it up, and make it kind of a cup. Slice this piece into where the screw goes, and you can safely put the screwdriver in. With the backing paper slice underneath, there is a lower chance that the screw will drop inside the car.


Safe pocket”

Alternatively, there is a more promising method to guarantee high efficiency. You can take a used glove (a thin rubber one for cleaning), cut off a tip of it (around three centimeters), and you have made a “safe pocket”.


By now, you can slide the screwdriver with the screw inside this pocket. Once it is ready, stretch the bag and hold it at its end. Then, slide the whole thing into the place where the screw goes, continue holding the end of the pocket, and start twisting.


Pull the pocket out before going further as soon as the screw has gone halfway. This is to avoid the rubber leaving residue if you pull after it goes all the way inside. When the pocket is out, carry on twisting the screw and tighten it until it is set correctly.


With these tips, reinstalling hardware should give you less pressure. If you haven’t tried it, experience the convenience next time. Learn more wrap tips at

Reinstall hardware after vinyl wrapping with efficiency | TeckWrap