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Gloss carbon vinyl wrap film is nothing new, and some people will wrap their entire hood in carbon to create a unique customized look. There is something you should concern about if you want to achieve a perfect finish, though. Here are some quick tips for you:



As always, thorough cleaning is necessary for every installation. For hood cleaning, it is crucial to pop open and hold it during the process. You can have better access to all its edges in this way.


When cleaning is done, you should lower the surface energy of the corners and the windshield wipers with masking tapes. A carbon vinyl wrap film is fragile to some extent, and thus, you do not want it to grab the surface during wrapping.



Textured vinyl films are usually sensitive and easy to scratch, and this fact applies to carbon wrap, too. Even though some carbon films come with a plastic liner that helps avoid scratches, you might remove it when wrapping because it makes the material too stiff to handle.


Thus, you should make sure you use a brand-new buffer, as an old one can also cause scratches. Meanwhile, you can apply the material with a wet buffer. When spraying soaping water, be sure to do it at a safe spot. Do not just spray toward the floor because you might slip on it.


Relax the edges

Carbon vinyl is a multi-layer film. And tension tends to build up on the edges. Remember to relax all edges with heat when the material is well applied. Make a cut at a corner to neutralize it before you move on to remove the excess on a side. Then, repeat the same process from the next corner until every side is done. Be sure to seal whenever you finish a side.



Double-check if everything is set properly and tight in place and if there is any bubble. Then, if you use a wet buffer to apply, make sure you remove any soapy residue on the surface.


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Quick tips for carbon hood wrapping | TeckWrap