Properties of TeckWrap Satin Metallic Vinyl

Satin metallic vinyl films present a look with stunning silk-like sheen and smooth appearance resembling polished metal. In this TeckWrap collection, every product shows the aesthetic appeal of a car with an appearance that comes with a sense of depth and contrast.


However, as a sensitive kind of vinyl wrap film, it requires knowledge and skills to install a satin metallic car wrap well and achieve a perfect result. Let’s learn more about its properties for the best outcome.


The vinyl material is made of high-grade hybrid calendered self-adhesive film. It comes with air release and self-healing feature, making the application process more manageable.


Initial tack

As calendared material, there is initial tension in a TeckWrap satin metallic vinyl film. To smoothen your installing process, you can apply low tack solutions like Tripple S to the flat surface. Don't forget to dry out before applying the material though. 



When a bubble occurs on the vehicle wrap film, you can press your finger on it, and work slowly to spread out the air. There is no need to pick up the vinyl or pop the bubble.


Gloss out? Bring it back!

If you overheat it or pull the vinyl too hard for a satin metallic finish, it will gloss out. But there is no need to worry with such a TeckWrap material, as you can always pick it up, apply heat to trigger its memory effect, and let it self-heal. It will then go back to its original shape.


(Note that the vehicle wrap cannot self-heal if it is glossed out because of overheating by a propane torch).


Sensitive surface

Satin wrap film is sensitive to scratches. It is vital to avoid using a hard squeegee when applying. And you should use a brand-new buffer on your squeegee to prevent micro-scratches, whether it is dry or wet.


However, even when you squeegee a satin material with a soft squeegee and brand-new buffer, it is not 100% safe yet. You should hold your squeegee low and flat while working on the car wrap. You could scratch the wrap surface if you do it at a high angle.



A satin metallic vinyl film is directional. When installing, it is vital to ensure that all panels follow uniform directions. For TeckWrap products, there are logos on the liner. Thus, you can take that as a reference.


Here is the basic information about TeckWrap satin metallic film. Do you feel like understanding it better now? Share with us if you find excellent techniques to handle it based on your new discovery.


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Properties of TeckWrap Satin Metallic Vinyl