Perfect Way to Make Relief Cuts on Vinyl Wrap Film

August 27, 2020

Perfect Way to Make Relief Cuts on Vinyl Wrap Film


When it comes to difficult sections on vehicles while wrapping with vinyl wrap film, for example, areas around the light or molding, it is easy to accidentally cut on a place that you are not supposed to.


But here is a perfectly safe way for you to avoid this trouble, meanwhile improve your work efficiency and quality. All you need is to get a tucking tool prepared. You can make relief cuts on the vinyl wrap film as normal, but just do to the extra steps during the process:


Place the tucking tool underneath the vinyl wrap film beforehand, with the tip of the knife on it. And as you cut on the material, hold the tucking tool. This is particularly helpful when you bridge the material over two sections and need to make relief cuts.


With this technique, it is 100% safe and you will not cut on anywhere that you are not supposed to. This method will not take you a lot of time. In fact, it might make improve your efficiency. If your tucking tool is a micro squeegee kind, you can even squeegee down the material right away. So it is quite a win-win technique. Try it if you have not. Happy wrapping!

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