Perfect template for wrapping raised area with vinyl film

When wrapping around a raised area like antenna or door handles, it usually takes time to form the vinyl wrap film around or spend quite a few attempts creating a proper template.


Forming the vinyl wrap film around seems like the most efficient way to go. But there is a risk of making bad cuts later when you need to cut out the piece for the raised object – And you might have to do the whole thing all over again because of the mistake.


But there shall be no more that kind of frustration now. Here is a very quick and easy way to create a perfect template for any raised area like antenna and door handles. All you need is a scrap of backing paper from a vinyl wrap film, a marker, and masking tape.


Take an antenna as an example, to create that perfect template for it, take the backing paper and make a few relief cuts right in the middle – Make it a double-cross, which should be roughly just bigger than the antenna itself.


You can then easily put the loose paper through the antenna and get right to the bottom. Use tools to secure the backing paper in place, which can be magnets. And draw the shape of it on the paper along the contour. You might also want to mark down the direction of the object.


Once you have the shape, use masking tape to seal all those relief cuts on the paper, making it whole again. Cut the shape of the antenna out. But only cut the along the inside of the marker.


When you take that piece out, you would have achieved a very precise and tight template for the raised area, saving you a lot of time and energy when wrapping. Learn more wrap tips at

Perfect template for wrapping raised area with vinyl film