Perfect cut under side window molding for vinyl wrap film

When wrapping a vehicle with vinyl wrap film, it becomes a little tricky when it comes to the bottom moldings of side windows. Installers usually tend to bridge the material over the molding and the door, trying to get full coverage.


But sometimes, the cut can turn out to be jagged. Some installers might remove the molding there before wrapping, which has a very high chance of bending it. Thus, it can get frustrating at some point.


But here is a quick and simple way for you to achieve a high-quality and long-durability finish. All you need is to do one extra thing for prepping.


Before applying the vinyl wrap film to the section, use a microfiber towel with your squeegee to glide through the gap underneath the bottom molding, cleaning and degreasing it thoroughly. When the area is dry, put Knifeless Tape (either Design Line or Finish Line) along the bottom edge of the molding, using the edge of the green tape to butt-joint it.


After it is all set up, apply the vinyl wrap film to the surface as usual. Take your time and focus on getting the material in position properly first. When the film is put down flat and evenly, you can now go back to the area near the bottom molding. Glide your squeegee along the gap, and tuck the material underneath the molding. Then, release the Knifeless Tape.


When you pull off the Tape, remember to do it slowly and as closed to 180-degree as possible to get the best result (Check out our previous article A complete guide to Knifeless Tape to master the art of Knifeless Tape). Remove the excess film and the leftover green tape, and seal the edge of the wrap.


The outcome is falling short of the molding at this point. But because there is no jagged cut and nothing involved with either using a knife or bending the molding, the work is completely safe and durable. You can now put an edge seal tape, or a stripe that can blend into the molding as an overlay piece. Do not forget to seal it when it is done.


By now, you can easily avoid troubles like bad cuts, cutting the paint, or damaging the molding, achieving a high-quality and durable finish with no stress. Learn more tips for perfect wrapping at

Perfect cut under side window molding for vinyl wrap film