Make the best of post-heat for better vinyl wrapping result

Post-heating is always one of the most critical steps for vinyl film wrapping. But it is never just about heating the material and killing its memory. Ultimately, post-heating a vinyl wrap film ensures the wrap can stay high-quality in a long-lasting way.


Thus, it is necessary to know how post-heat works precisely, how we can be 100% prepared and make the best of it. Theoretically, there is no surface on a vehicle that is perfectly smooth, even for those areas that we consider them as “flat”.


If you put the surface under a microscope, you will see peaks and valleys on it. This fact has given us some clues in terms of getting the best result for post-heating:


There will be air in those valleys right after we apply the vinyl wrap film to the surface. The surface energy is uneven because of the existence of those valleys.


Due to these reasons, here are some tips for you to make the best of post-heating:


Do NOT post-heat right away

Because there is air in those valleys on the surface of the vehicle, if you post-heat right after the vinyl wrap film is applied, the air is going to expand. And there is a chance of bursting or damaging the wrap. So it is best to wait for 30 minutes or a bit longer to post-heat the material.


Be prepared even before the application

Considering there are peaks and valleys on the surface, it is helpful to wipe it over with a scratchless sponge before you apply the material to the section. By wiping, the sponge will create some micro scraps that you will not see with your eyes and provide extra surface energy to the surface.


Once the vinyl wrap film is applied to the surface, the adhesive will flow in 24 hours. As long as you follow the tips above: prep the surface in advance and post-heat it after at least 30 minutes, the material will stay better on the surface with high-quality and long durability.


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Make the best of post-heat for better vinyl wrapping result