Handling Impressions on Vinyl Wrap Film

September 14, 2020

Handling Impressions on Vinyl Wrap Film


When a vinyl wrap film roll is laid aside for a long time, impressions might appear on the roll. And there might be signs looking like scratches or lines on its surface. Some wrapper might choose to use a new roll straight away just to be safe, because what if you realize you cannot get rid of these scratches after the application, and they just stay for good?


In fact, there is a way to save the vinyl wrap film roll even when this happens. You can still trim out the panel you need, for example, a giant piece for the hood. But before you do the actual install, roll out the panel with liner on the section. And then you can use heat to self-heal the material.


If it is a gloss vinyl wrap film, you can use a torch to do it. While if it is matte, use a heat gun instead. Apply heat over the “scratches” or lines. When all the signs are gone, and the film goes back to its original shape, you are safe and ready to carry on with the install. (If it turns out those are damages that you cannot fix, it will still save you the time to figure out by using this method)


Happy wrapping!

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