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A gloss car wrap is not that difficult to wrap with, and this is because of its easy-going properties. Here are some key facts about it. Let’s check out how well you know about it.



Gloss vinyl film is a standard type of material. And it is not directional. Thus, you can feel free to wrap in different directions for each panel, and the color will match anyway.


Easy to squeegee

When squeegeeing, a soft or medium-hard squeegee can handle gloss vehicle wrap well, as long as you use a brand-new buffer. You can easily get the job done by squeegeeing with overlapping strokes at a 45-degree angle.


Great for overlay

A gloss vinyl has high surface energy, which means anything on top can stick well. Thus, when creating overlays, for example, adding stripes or custom decals, you can simply lay it on top without complicated prepping (But still, cleaning beforehand is necessary).



Gloss vinyl can mostly self-heal. When there are light scratches, apply heat, and it will return to normal. If there are wrinkles, pick the material up and heat it, it will self-heal in the same way and flatten out again.


Stretch with no stress

You can usually stretch a gloss car wrap with no stress because it is non-directional. The hue and color will not change because of stretching. However, if you do overstretch it, the finish will become shiny. But when this happens, its memory effect will be triggered. And it will go back to its original shape. You can then re-apply the film.


Handy to clean

A gloss material is not only easy to handle but handy to maintain. Unlike matte or chrome finishes, Most kinds of aftercare products in the market are applicable for it.


In short, gloss material might be one of the most stress-free vinyl to wrap with. From application to post-install, there is nothing you should worry about. Why not pick your favorite color and try it out today? Take your pick and place your order at now.

Key fact about gloss car wrap | TeckWrap