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Most mirrors have a severe compound curve, which creates massive tension when wrapping with vinyl film. And the material on the edge will lift or peel over time if you did not handle the material correctly or forgot to post-heat.


But don’t worry when the material does lift or peel. Here is a quick way to save the situation without re-wrapping the section:


Cut off the wrong part

Take a thin roll of masking tape, and use the tape to cover up the edge of the mirror symmetrically, where the failing material is. Cut cautiously along the inside edge of the masking tape, and you can remove the failing part of the vinyl film. Remember to sharpen your blade before cutting and approach with a light touch to avoid damaging the paint accidentally.


Cleaning is crucial

After removing the peeling material, there is a gap that exposes the paint of the vehicle. Apply solution accordingly to a paper towel with your squeegee inside, and go over this gap to clean it thoroughly. Do not forget to dry it out as soon as you finish.


Fill the gap

Once the gap is dry, take a roll of black matte film or a textured black matte like Mold N’ Hold, which looks almost like a molding. Trim off a piece roughly the length of this area, which you will cover up with the tape. Then, line its edge up, and do it symmetrically. Make sure the paint is covered underneath. When it is done, cut off the excess.



At this point, the fixing is not completely done yet. Apply heat to soften the film and ensure the matte film stays on the surface evenly without wrinkles. Do not forget to seal the edge.


After all the steps above are done, your mirror will return to its best shape. Everything will look natural again. Learn more about wrapping at

Fixing lifting vinyl film on mirror | TeckWrap