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The durability of a vinyl finish relies on various factors. Sometimes, it gets shortened when a vehicle wrap is not applied correctly, or the surface is not clean enough before the installation. As a result, the film might lift from the edge over time.


When this happens, re-wrapping the whole vehicle is impractical because it is costly. However, there is a way you can fix it if the problem is not too severe. Here is how:


Clean thoroughly

Wrap your squeegee in a paper towel and soak its tip with mild surface cleaner. Then, clean the lifting edge of the vinyl film. Remember it should be a mild cleaner instead of an aggressive one, or it will affect the adhesive underneath the material.


Through cleaning in this way, the stickiness of the lifting area can be restored to some extent. Next, use light heat to dry the film out completely. As soon as it is dry, use something thin like a plastic scraper to pick up the vinyl from the edge.


Add adhesive promoter

Pick up the material as far as possible, and take a suitable applicator. Then, apply a thin coat of adhesive promoter to where the edge covers the body of the vehicle. Do not put the promoter directly on the car wrap. Add light heat to the surface and dry the promoter out.


Once the surface is dry, use your squeegee to re-apply the vinyl to the edge and seal it. Problem solved! Fixing in this way will save you time and energy, as there is no need to reinstall the whole thing.


But the best way, of course, is to get everything right from the first beginning. And you will not even have to worry about fixing issues. To equip yourself with better wrap knowledge, visit

Vinyl wrapping: Fixing lifting edge | TeckWrap