Fender light removal for vinyl wrapping

Removing hardware can help installers wrap farther inside a section with vinyl wrap film. But different types of hardware require different kinds of skills to remove, and otherwise, you might damage the parts with the wrong approach.


Here are some tips for handling sidelights for a smoother process when wrapping fenders with vinyl wrap film:


You can use your squeegee from behind the light to take the sidelights off, pushing it to either the left or the right to pry the cover off. A plastic clip behind the mechanism is pushed and released by doing this.


Next, securing the wire and light bulb is critical to keep them from falling back inside, as it will be hard to retrieve if it happens. You can use a paper towel to wrap around the wire and the bulb, and feed the light bulb with the wire back inside, securing them at the top.


The paper towel can help you clean the area properly from the inside. But if the vehicle is not as dirty, you can simply wrap around the wire and bulb with masking tape. Tack the light bulb to the dashboard so that you can always reach it quickly when it needs.


As soon as the sidelights are removed, the fenders become a completely flat surface to wrap. You can wrap much farther and cut much cleaner.


If the wire and light bulb fall back inside, here is a good tip for finding it back: turn on the indicator. When you do, the bulb will blink, and you will know exactly where the light is.


When you know where to go, you can use a tool to hook it and take it back out. It can be a twisted hanger. But be careful when you do the hooking to avoid scratching the body of the vehicle.


As soon as the sidelights are removed, you can start cleaning and applying. Once the section is wrapped, remove the paper towel or masking tape on the wire and bulb, put the light cover back up, and push the whole thing back in place.


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Fender light removal for vinyl wrapping