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Finishing wrapping a car with vinyl wrap film does not mean everything is done. As mentioned before, pre-installation and post-installation are vital for best performance of the material. To get the perfect result, there is one final stage you should not neglect.


It is recommended for a wrapped vehicle to sit still for 24 hours above a specific temperature before letting it go outside. Doing this can help the vinyl wrap film reach its maximum adhesion and enhance its durability. However, this process has been underestimated by many.


Why 24 hours?

Practically, there is no such as a 100% flat surface. If you put a so-called flat area under a microscope, you will see peaks and valleys. The material will stick to the peaks as you install the vinyl wrap film. Yet the valleys are uncovered.


If you give it the time at the right temperature, the adhesive will have the chance to flow into those areas. And it lets the vinyl wrap film completely set on the surface, reaching its maximum adhesion.


This 24-hour after the installation is golden because the adhesive will settle in where it is after this period. If it cannot flow to its fullness, the adhesion of the car wrap will be weak, and the material might lift over time even if you wrap it properly.


Setting the space at the right temperature is essential to let the adhesive flow. If it is too cold in your workspace, it is better to find a way to adjust the room temperature because the warmer the place is, the more quickly the adhesive can flow. This process is worth the wait, as it will bring the film’s durability to the complete level.


No condition to wait for 24 hours?

What if you do not have the condition to wait for 24 hours? There are a few things you can do to speed up the process:


Adjust the temperature

As the adhesive can flow with the aid of temperature, you can do something about it:

  • Raise the room temperature as possible as you can. If you have an air conditioner, consider turning it off during the process. Try everything you can to warm the place up.
  • If you have an IR heater, you can also adjust the temperature on the vinyl. Put the heater on a stand next to the vehicle, and heat the material as you slowly move it around.

With these methods, the material will not get to the point with maximum adhesion. But it is better than doing nothing and letting the vehicle run outside immediately.


Choose another material

If you know that you do not have these 24 hours before the installation, choosing a different type of film is recommended. The vinyl adhesion point can vary. For some materials, the adhesive can flow at a lower temperature. Choose to use this kind of car wrap if possible when this is the case.


Pay attention to this process, and try your best to make it the most. You shall achieve a durable finish without future hassle. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Enhance vinyl durability with one final stage | TeckWrap