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Removing emblems can essentially help with the vinyl film wrapping process, as you can do the job more smoothly with no hassle. But this job can be tricky sometimes, especially when you have to remove a fragile one, for example, Ferrari's brand name that is usually stuck on the trunk.


Without the right approach, you might accidentally scratch the paint during the process or break the emblem before you know it. Here are some tips for you:


Tools you need

  • Plastic removal tool
  • Wire (can be a fishing wire)
  • Masking tape


Precise taping

Before removing, you should apply wide masking tape around the emblem precisely, which can avoid scratching the paint accidentally as you take off the logo. Make sure you run the tape horizontally and vertically to be the safest.


Loosen the emblem

For a fragile emblem like the one mentioned above, you must not use a plastic removal tool to pry it off immediately, as it will put too much pressure on the emblem, and you might break it.


The safest way is to have the wire underneath the emblem, and you can carefully pull the wire through the emblem from one side to the other. In the case of Ferrari, do it from letter to letter. Make sure to keep your wire low as you pull.


Pry off easily

By using the wire, the emblem should be loosened. You can now use the plastic removal tool. Pry gently from the side, and the logo can get off quickly. Do not forget to store it safely as you take it off.


You can then clean up the adhesive residue on the surface. Once the section is cleaned thoroughly, you can start wrapping with no stress. For more wrap tips, visit

Vinyl installing: Safe emblem removal|TeckWrap