Easy application: Cut vinyl wrap film

Vinyl wrap film can be developed into a pre-cut format like text or different shapes. It can be used in numerous ways, including but not limited to business and decoration. You can apply them on the surface of a vehicle straight away as a partial application or put them on top of a wrap.


Cut vinyl is a good option when you do not want a full print vinyl wrap film for certain reasons. It can be incredibly cost-effective if you choose to promote your business, as you can skip the spending on complicated design and printing.


As for installation, cut vinyl is an installer-friendly type of film, although there are things you need to pay attention to during application. Here are some tips for you:


Cut vinyl is usually covered in a layer of pre-masking tape with a backing paper on, which can hold the cutouts in position when you pull off the liner. This is particularly helpful when you are using it for promotion, which needs several cutouts in line to bring out the message, like your brand name and contact details.


Like any vinyl wrap film application, clean the section where you need the cut vinyl to go before the install. And put the cut vinyl on the area. Use a few small strips of masking tapes on both sides to create temporary hinges and find the exact position for it. Make sure you put the cut vinyl correctly in place.


Then, get a long strip of masking tape to make a permanent hinge and lock the whole panel in position. You can either put a vertical one in the middle or on the side of the panel, or a horizontal one across the top or the bottom.


When the hinge is made, flip around the panel, and pull the backing paper off (remove it part by part, not all the way yet). Pull and hold the pre-masking tape and the backing paper with even tension at the same time.


As for the other hand of yours, squeegee down the cutouts (the pre-masking tape) without the backing paper using the hard part of your squeegee.


Use 45-degree angle strokes to press down the cut vinyl evenly. And make sure you keep the cutouts-to-be-applied away from the surface as you work on the prior parts because it would be tricky for you to pick a cut vinyl back up.


When every part is appropriately applied, squeegee down the whole section again to secure the vinyl, remove the permanent hinge, and pull off the pre-masking tape on the cutouts.


Pull it firmly and slowly with even tension from one corner. More importantly, when you pull, keep the pre-masking tape at a 180-degree angle from the surface, which can help you avoid pulling off the cut vinyl unexpectedly.


Once the pre-masking tape is off, and everything is in position, you have the successful finish in front of you. Learn more about wraps at teckwrap.com
Easy application: Cut vinyl wrap film