Deal with vehicle with damaged surface for vinyl film wrapping

Sometimes, a wrapper might come across a damaged vehicle, where there is rust or peeled coating. This can be very frustrating for vinyl film wrapping as it will affect the performance of the wrap, even if you get it done perfectly.


Usually, these should be fixed as soon as possible, especially if there is rust on the surface. But if a vehicle-to-be-wrapped is already damaged in this way, there is nothing much you can do to fix it.


However, you can make efforts on prepping to minimize the effect and make sure the vinyl wrap film can stick well on the damaged area. And do not forget to explain the situation to the owner of the vehicle as the performance of the film might be affected, and they might see the indentation when you finish the job.


To make sure the vinyl wrap film can stick well, you have to prep the area properly. Check the damaged area if there are paint chips or rust first. Clean the area thoroughly. You might know better about the situation as you clean it.


Use a tool like a scratchless sponge to sand down the area with paint chips and rust. This will help you avoid damaging the surface around and minimize the chance of leaving edges on that area during later cleaning. Then, use a paper towel to get rid of them.


Next, use an adhesive promoter to help the wrap stick better. Apply the adhesive promoter along the outline of the damaged area. Make sure the adhesive promoter is spread evenly around the area.


Let it dry before you apply the material to the surface. Apply the film right after applying the adhesive promoter will affect the adhesive on the wrap. When you apply the film to this area, avoid picking it back up as you work around because the paint might come off if you do it.


When the wrap is properly applied, use an edge sealer to secure the film if you can. These are the things you can do to deal with a damaged vehicle that is to be wrapped. Learn more about vinyl wrapping at

Deal with vehicle with damaged surface for vinyl film wrapping