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Installers sometimes have to do vinyl film wrapping projects outside their workspace, for example, improvising on a show. This might be an unforeseen circumstance, and you are not entirely prepared.


The vehicle wrap might not be ready for you in sections, and there might be no working table. In this situation, cutting straight lines and separating the material into sections might be challenging. But don’t worry, here are some tips for you.


Make handy things your guide

The work condition can be very limited when wrapping out of your workspace. But you can always look closely to find what you can take advantage of. For instance, if you can find wood strips in the area, you can put one underneath the vinyl wrap film, and another one on top to hold the material. By doing this, you can use the strip as your guide to creating a straight line easily.


Create strips in creative ways

Sometimes you will have to cut out strips from the material, and this can be extra tricky without a cutting table or plotter. But still, there are ways you can do it:


Use Tri-Line Knifeless tape to help

Apply a Tri-Line Knifeless tape on a vehicle surface like a hood, secure it, and put the vinyl wrap film on top. Make sure you squeegee the material and set it tight on the Knifeless tape.


As there are three strings on the tape, you can start with top or the bottom one. Pull it up and release the green tape. Remove the excess material, and repeat the same process with the other string. You can then achieve a perfectly straight strip.


Take advantage of a vehicle surface

If you do not even have Knifeless tape, you can always use the straight edge of a vehicle to create a straight line. A hood or the gap between a roof and the rear window can be your guide.


If you take advantage of the gap between a roof and rear window, put the vinyl wrap on, and cut on the edge. You will get one straight side on the panel. And you can repeat the same process to make another cut. But remember to get the correct width and length as you need. And do not forget to clean the vehicle surface before you do this.


With these tips in mind, you should be able to create straight lines on location under limited work conditions. It is always about making the most of what you have. Thus, be more observant, and you can solve the problem without stress. Visit for more wrap tips.

Cutting straight line on vinyl wrap when off workspace | TeckWrap