Create Symmetrical Overlaying Vinyl Wrap Film on Both Sides


When creating custom overlaying pieces on a vinyl wrap film, it usually takes a long time to measure and leave it to a plotter. But here is a simple way to create your own overlaying templates on both sides of a vehicle – Even better, without tape measurement and a plotter, you can make it symmetrical on both sides.


The secret to this technique is knifeless tape. It will certainly use more knifeless tape than what you do normally, but it will also save you a lot of time.


First go to one side of the vehicle, for instance, the door on the driver's side. Take a few pieces of masking tape to mark down wherever you need. Use knifeless tape to create the shape of the overlaying piece you want to put on there with the help of the masking tapes.


But this is not done yet. What you should do next is to use design line to double up the knifeless tape as another layer on top – It is critical to match the string precisely with the one at the bottom.


Once the setup is done, you can put a piece of vinyl wrap film on top, which can be a scrap for now. Knock it and form it properly, and then release the top layer (the design line) and pull the string off.


When it is finished, pull off the excess material, as well as the piece you just applied – This will be used as a template for the passenger's side of the vehicle. Thus, all you will leave for this side is the base layer (the knifeless tape) for now.


The same method as you did for the driver side, put masking tape to mark down the spot you need, and secure the template with masking tape (with the adhesive side facing outside), then trace out the shape of the template with your knifeless tape.


As soon as the setup is done, you can apply the vinyl wrap film to the area. With the help of the knifeless tape, you will be able to create an overlaying piece of the same size that is symmetrical to the driver's side.


Do it again on the driver side, you will then have two perfectly matching overlaying pieces. This will not only save you the time of measuring, but also be more convenient – When no plotter is available and you have no measuring tool, this is the way to solve your problem.


Try it out and see what it brings you. Happy wrapping.

Create Symmetrical Overlaying Vinyl Wrap Film on Both Sides