Cleaning workflow for vinyl film wrapping

Cleaning is always the first step to a successful wrap job. But did you know there is a particular workflow for this process? Follow it properly, and you can make it the best of cleaning.


Here are some tips to prep and clean a vehicle that ensure efficiency and quality. With these, you can clean without using harsh chemicals so that the vehicle surface can stay safe. And this workflow can help you speed up your install time as well.


Get tools prepared

Before starting, undoubtedly you need to prepare some tools for cleaning. Here are the essentials you need: scratchless sponge, clay bar, plastic removal tool, plastic scraper and sponge, auto skin Hook and Hold, application glove, and isopropyl alcohol.


Hardware removal

If there is any hardware on the section you are wrapping, you can remove them first. As soon as they are off, you will find a significant amount of dirt underneath. Thus, it is best to clean right after the removal in case the dirt spreads around the area later.


Remove adhesive residue

As you take off the hardware, you need to remove the adhesive behind those parts. But to help you put them back in place properly, you can leave a shadow there. Use soapy water to remove the adhesive, and only scrape off the main section of the residue.


Wipe with microfiber towel

When all the dirt and adhesive residue are off, you can use a microfiber towel to wipe over the surface. A microfiber towel can absorb more quickly and work better than a paper towel. And it will save you some time and energy.


Clean with scratchless sponge

Next, use a scratchless sponge to clean up. If you are dealing with an area like a trunk, there can be a lot of tenacious specks around, even if you have got rid of the dirt.


Some installers would think of using harsh chemicals. But a scratchless sponge is effective enough. It can even remove contaminants like tar. Just focus on the contaminated spots, clean it, and wipe them with a microfiber towel to absorb the soapy water again.


Wipe with clay bar

At this point, you can pick up your clay bar to wipe over the surface. Do it from top to bottom with overlapping strokes. When it is done, use a microfiber towel to remove all the soapy residue.


Double-check with paper towel

Once all soapy water is absorbed, it is time to degrease. But before doing this, use a paper towel to check if the surface is clean enough. You can fold it and wipe it over the area. If the paper towel comes off white, it is good to go. But if it is dirty, you will have to clean the area again.


Degrease with isopropyl alcohol

The final step is to degrease the main surface with isopropyl alcohol, removing any specks or dirt that might have popped up from the edges.


Following this cleaning process will guarantee a thorough cleaning, avoiding many potential problems during the application, and help the vinyl stick on the surface better. Check out for more practical wrap tips.
Cleaning workflow for vinyl film wrapping