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Being manufactured with multi layers, a chrome vinyl wrap is usually thick. And it is generally unlaminated, or it will be too stiff to apply. Adding the fact that it is a sensitive type of finish, a chrome film can easily get dull scratches.


Even a lousy sponge or microfiber towel can leave abrasions on a chrome vinyl's surface, affecting the finish's appearance. For a mirror chrome car wrap, it is unlikely to hide the flaw when this happens.


And without a lamination, it is impossible to self-heal those scratches. But there is one creative way that can save you from this frustration. The ultimate solution is using a steamer.


Take your steamer to steam up the entire area. Again, make sure your steamer has a good sponge. Otherwise, it will scratch the chrome vinyl as well. If it is a new wrap you just finished applying, steam it before using any aftercare product. The steam will help you take away all those dull scratches you get during the application or from your daily ride.


When you finish steaming, take a high-quality microfiber towel – a bad one can leave abrasions, and wipe down the wrap. You will then have a fresh chrome finish back.


You can make steaming a part of your regular maintenance because the chrome wrap can get scratched throughout your daily life as you ride. Thus, if you have a chrome car wrap, you can steam it up after your regular cleaning is done. If you do not have any steamer, you can also seek a wrap shop that can provide this service.


For other types of vinyl wrap film, there are also many creative ways to take away scratches. The properties of different materials can vary. Thus, always approach your vinyl wrap accordingly to ensure the best result. To enhance this knowledge, check out our previous article Handle light scratches on vinyl film. For more wrap tactics, keep learning at

Chrome vinyl wrap: Take the scratches away | TeckWrap