Car Wrap Skills: Using Cold Pre-Stretch Technique to Achieve Perfect Corners

When it comes to car wrapping, cold pre-stretch is something that requires specific skills during the process. This article describes the process of achieving wrinkle-free corners with this technique.

For corner wrapping, there is one thing we need to remember, which is that corners do not like materials being worked towards it because they have tension there. Often the material tends to bunch up in this case, where you can see wrinkles on either side of the corner.

One can use the pre-stretch technique in the shift of the triangle, and working away from the corner. You can achieve wrinkle-free corner very quickly in this way.

When applying, you only pick the material up, which passes the corner by about 3 centimeters and pull the material to the corner cold and firm, then form it around the corner deep.

What comes next is that you pull it about an inch away and push it down. You can now see the shape of the corner in the film, where you are going to form in there.

For the experienced installer, you probably know that the film has its memory. So once you add heat to it, the material shrinks back flat, which is a pretty good point in this case.

When you see the material collapses back on itself when heated, squeegee away from the corner, then cut below it with a knife and cut the extra film away.

By using the cold pre-stretch technique and triggering the memory with heat to allow it to shrink, you can squeegee everything down nice and tight. Moreover, then you can merely seal everything down.

This technique is undoubtedly good for the long-term durability of the film. Plus, by doing this, you can achieve a perfect corner very easily.

Car Wrap Skills: Using Cold Pre-Stretch Technique to Achieve Perfect Corners