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Many vehicles have small covers on their bumpers. When wrapping the section with vinyl wrap film, some installers tend to remove the caps beforehand and wrap them separately, and others prefer to handle them all together. Here is a step-by-step guide to safely approaching in both ways:


Wrap separately 

Pay attention to removal

If you plan to wrap the main bumper area and the cap separately with car wrap film, you should remove the cover first. It is not recommended to use a plastic removal tool to pry it off, as it has a high risk of scratching the paint by accident.


There is a creative way to remove small pieces like this: You can take a piece of masking tape and loop it around. The width of the loop should be enough for two fingers or approximately the width of the cap.


Then, stick it to the cover and secure it. You can use this loop to pull the piece up without hassle easily. Simply disconnect it with whatever is inside, and take the cap off. Once it is removed, you can apply the vinyl wrap film with a standard approach.


No need to over-wrap

You can wrap the cap first. There is no need to wrap behind it. Overwrapping it will only waste your energy. It is enough to wrap to its edges and ensure full coverage.


When the cover is wrapped, put it back in place before you handle the main area. Then, you can deal with the bumper as usual.


Wrap all together – Wrap the cap twice

If you tend to wrap whole section all together, it is recommended to wrap the cap twice. The first time, you should apply the vehicle wrap to the bumper, which will cover the cap as well. But your focus should be the main area.


When it is done, you should remove the vinyl film on the cap by cutting the car wrap on the side of it. Doing this will give you extra material to wrap behind the gap around the cap.


However, the film might come up short on the cover’s edges, which is why you should use a small piece of film to wrap it twice and cut on the side of the main area, so you have enough material to wrap around its edges. (If you are wrapping with a directional vinyl film, make sure the direction remains aligned)


If you can pay attention to all the details mentioned above, you can feel free to choose your preferable installing method, as either way will ultimately lead you to a high-quality finish. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrapping bumper with small caps | TeckWrap