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For further customization, some people wrap their cars' roof moldings in a black vinyl wrap film. Those moldings are not giant pieces, but they usually come with curvy corners and make it tricky to wrap. Here is a way to wrap it without removing it from the body and save time:



As with any other installation, cleaning thoroughly before applying the vinyl wrap to the surface is essential. Thus, clean the roof molding properly and dry it out. Then, before putting the material onto the section, it is helpful to run masking tape on the area around it to lower the surface energy so that you can pick the film back up more quickly without hassle.



Apply the vinyl wrap to the roof molding, lightly tack and hook it to a corner from one end. Pick the material back up from the other end and pull it down firmly to create glass. Once it is done, switch to the corner you first hooked, pick the material back up from that side, and repeat the process to hook the corner on the other side.


Deal with corners first

Now that the two ends are hooked and you have created glass, use your squeegee to secure the vinyl wrap film on the top section, which is the central point of the part. Make sure there is even tension on both sides. Now you can further work on the corners at both ends. Pick the material up and tuck the film under these corners.


Leave the flat area last

As soon as the corners are set, you can tuck the material incrementally in the flat area with the hard part of the squeegee, as your free hand keeps the film away from the surface. Once everything is set, apply heat to relax the film and eliminate tension.


Cut away the excess and finish

Again, when cutting away the excess material, deal with corners on the two ends. Then, cut along the two sides last. As soon as the excess is removed, use heat to relax the material and double-check if there is any bubble or wrinkle. Last but not least, seal all edges.


This way, you can achieve perfect wrapped roof molding with high efficiency and quality. Learn more about wrapping at

Black it out: Roof molding wrapping | TeckWrap