Applying cutting tape on hanging excess vinyl wrap film

When wrapping certain sections on a vehicle with vinyl wrap film, it gets challenging as you need to remove the excess material, especially when you are working on a color change project.


For example, when you handle sections like a hood, a trunk, or a hatchback, you cannot quite cut on the side of the section, as you need to leave a bit of extra vinyl wrap film to wrap around and ensure full coverage. However, you cannot cut on the paint, either.


When a situation like this happens, Knifeless Tape is always the best choice. But at some point, it can be frustrating to have Knifeless Tape on the area as you work around the vinyl wrap film, especially if it is an aggressive film. But don’t worry, Knifeless Tape can still help, only it is not going to be applied on the surface of the car.


You are going to apply the Knifeless Tape on top of the vinyl wrap film.


Take the trunk as an example. You surely want to leave a bit of extra material to wrap around so that the original color will not stand out when the trunk is open. But it is tricky to get a clean and symmetrical cut as the excess material hanging in the air. You can apply Knifeless Tape on top of the excess in this case.


Run it across symmetrically, and make sure you leave enough material to wrap around the trunk. When you put the tape on top of the film, tack it with your thumb every three inches to secure it. As soon as the tape is fully applied, use your finger to slide across and lock it in place. (Do not forget to clean your fingers thoroughly before you do these.)


Now you can release the string – Do NOT split the green tape. Just take the string and pull from underneath. Make sure you hold the green tape stably. As you pull the string, pull steadily and perpendicularly. You will then achieve a perfectly clean cut.


No more pressure. Wrap around the section with the extra material you have, and finish off the job. Learn more about car wrapping at

Applying cutting tape on hanging excess vinyl wrap film