Achieve tension free lower bumper with vinyl wrap film

A lower bumper can be challenging to wrap. One mistake can lead to the lifting of vinyl in the short term. However, with proper skills and techniques, this problem is avoidable. Here are some tips for you:


Some installers tend to pull the vinyl wrap film up, cold pre-stretch the material, and hook it to the corners on both sides. By doing these, the tension on the film is shifted evenly to both sides (50:50).


Then, they would use heat to relax the vinyl wrap film. But in some cases, there can be a severe 90-degree turn at the corner. Even if you take the material into the edge, pulling it towards the inside, and you get it flat for now with no wrinkles, it will not stay long.


In a case like this, the vinyl wrap film would usually bounce back for about one centimeter at the severe corner. The tension continues to build up around that area. Thus, you have to wrap about one-centimeter material under the corner.


To do this and avoid lifting, you are going to make a 0:100 instead of 50:50. Thus, you are not going to hood the vinyl wrap film at the corner and shrink it. Instead, heat and relax the material first, particularly the underside.


You have to wrap around the underside of the bumper, creating zero tension on the face of the corner. Squeegee the material and shift the tension to the flatter area. The surface above the severe corners will then have no wrinkle.


By doing this, the lower section will take all the tension. There would be massive wrinkles. Heat the film, relax it and make a relief cut to get rid of those wrinkles. You should not pick it back up, trying to stretch it and cut if off because this will lead to failure.


Make a good relief cut and let it blend into the body line. The cut will help you neutralize the 100 perfect tension. There should be no more tension on either the top or the bottom area now.


You will achieve a perfect lower bumper with high quality and great durability in this way. Boost up your wrapping skills at

Achieve tension free lower bumper with vinyl wrap film