A complete guide to Knifeless Tape

Knifeless Tape is an excellent tool for vinyl film wrapping, especially on tricky sections. But if you do not know the correct way to use it, it will not work as you expected. Here is a complete go-through of the use of Knifeless Tape to help you achieve a high-quality result:



When you apply the Knifeless Tape to the surface, press the string along the way while your free hand is pulling the roll. Do not try to pull from the string. By consistently pulling from the roll, you can make sure the tape you lay down is symmetrical and with even tension.


If you need to create curves with Knifeless Tape, press and seal only the outside of the tape when you get to a corner. This will shift the tension out and keep the string symmetrical. (There will be wrinkles on the inside. Do not forget to flatten them out with heat before you apply the vinyl wrap film over) Pull gently from the roll as you go around the corner.


Secure to the surface

When you finish applying the Knifeless Tape to the surface, use your finger or a squeegee to glide all the way along, and make sure the Knifeless is perfectly locked to the surface. This will prevent the tape from moving when you have to reposition the vinyl wrap film during the install. Also, a well-secured Knifeless Tape can make an absolute clean cut for you.


Release the string

Fold the end of the Knifeless Tape on the surface, hold the folded end with one hand, and pull with the other hand to release the string. Your two hands should be closed to each other when you do this to ensure even tension on the string.


Steady pulling

When you get to the vinyl wrap film as you pull the string, use the other hand to press the edge of the film to keep the film from lifting. And as you pull the string along the way, make sure you pull as low and slowly as possible. This will ensure the cut goes symmetrically while the vinyl wrap film stays properly on the surface. Otherwise, the edge of the film might lift, and the cut can become jagged.


Remove the excess vinyl wrap film

As soon as the string is off, you can remove the excess vinyl wrap film. When you pull it off, pull away from the material that stays on the section. And like pulling the string, try to pull the excess materail as low and slowly as you can. The closer to 180-degree you pull, the better. When it is done, do not forget to seal the edge of the film before you move on to the next stage.


Bear these techniques in mind, and you will be able to handle complicated sections easily and smoothly with the great help of Knifeless Tape. For more wrap tips, visit teckwrap.com

A complete guide to Knifeless Tape