The Grand Stage for TeckWrapped Cars: Auto 2024 in Riga

The undisputed champion of the Baltic automotive industry events, Auto 2024 in Riga, roared to life from April 19th to 21st at the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.


This prestigious international motor show served as a magnet for car fanatics and industry professionals alike. The Gold Group is certainly one of them. Even better, they have brought a show-stopping TeckWrapped Golf GTI with them.



A Feast for Car Lovers

The event boasted a dazzling display of the newest car models, from sleek passenger cars and imposing SUVs to cutting-edge electric vehicles.  Dealerships presented enticing special offers and discounts, making it a prime opportunity to snag a dream car.


Gold Group came to the show with several head-turning wrapped cars. Among them, the Volkswagen Golf GTI in TeckWrap Passionate Purple (RB04-HD) is an absolute show-stopper.



A Hub for Industry Leaders

Beyond the excitement for car lovers, Auto 2024 served as a vital meeting point for industry professionals.  Exhibitors and dealerships networked, forged new partnerships, and gained valuable insights into the future of the automotive industry in the Baltics.


Whether it was discussing the latest trends, showcasing innovative technologies, or exploring new market opportunities, Auto 2024 provided a platform for industry leaders to shape the future of transportation in the region.


While the Auto 2024 may have drawn to a close, the excitement it generated with extraordinary cars like the TeckWrapped Golf wrapped by Gold Group, will undoubtedly carry over until the next Auto show in Riga.



It serves as a testament to the enduring passion for cars, the ever-evolving automotive landscape, and the importance of the industry in the Baltics.

The Grand Stage for TeckWrapped Cars: Auto 2024 in Riga