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Usually, a hood is a straightaway cover secured on top at the front of a vehicle. But some of them are sided with a one-centimeter-wide area underneath on their left and right.


There is usually a steep angle between the main surface of the hood and these two sides. Thus, it is easy to overstretch the vinyl wrap if you try to wrap the whole section in one piece and do not have the right approach.


But here is a way to save your time and energy, more importantly, preventing the trouble of accidentally distorting the wrap film:


Use pre-cut inlays first

To avoid overstretching the vinyl and building unnecessary tension on the recessed area out of the wrong technique, you can use inlays on the two sides of the hood. By doing this, take a measurement before the application and create pre-cut strips for the two sides.


And you can then put the strip on each side, handling them as you would to a flat area. You can form the piece around the side from top to bottom with no tension and no stress. There is no way you will overstretch the wrap film in this case.


Once you finish one side, cut away the excess material. Do not forget to sharpen your blade before cutting, and use your free hand to pull the piece with even tension to guarantee a clean cut. Repeat the same process to the other side until both of them are wrapped. Seal all the edges when you finish.


Wrap the main surface last

As soon as the two sides are ready, you can now apply the wrap to the main surface on the hood and deal with it as usual. When reaching the edge, bridge the material to the fender as normal, and cut on the side of the fender.


Then, use your squeegee to feed the extra material into the gap. The last part is to round and form the film underneath the hood, and this is where you can hide the inlays underneath perfectly.


This way will get you a high-quality paint-like hood with long durability. And because it is wrapped in several pieces, no tension is built on the material, and it will not fail over time. Easy and straightforward!


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Wrapping sided hood with inlay|TeckWrap