Wrapping double-sided recessed area with vinyl wrap film

It is kind of typical for a van to have double recessed areas on its side, where you see a group of squares, and they are each surrounded by a bigger square. In some cases, there is a steep and wide groove in between the two squares, becoming an enclosed area and creating challenges for vinyl film wrapping.


Wrappers must feed the vinyl wrap film in and out of this double-sided recessed area properly, as one wrong approach might lead to failures like lifting. Here are some tips for you to handle the situation:


As usual, clean and degrease the section thoroughly before the application. You can then use heat to dry it out. When the surface goes back to the right temperature, you can apply the vinyl wrap film to the area.


Mostly, wrappers should start from the recessed area or corner when installing a vinyl wrap film. But in this case, you should start from the middle section, where there is a flat and big square.


When the middle area is wrapped and formed, you move on to deal with the corners. Go to either of the four corners of this middle section, pick up the film there, and use your squeegee to feed the material into the recessed area around.


It is crucial to use your free hand to keep the vinyl wrap film away from the top area of the opposite side as you feed the material, forming the edge of the corner and the groove within the enclosed area.


Use the soft part of your squeegee, and squeegee away from the corner. By doing this, the material is relaxed, and the tension is shifted out. The stress is now going to build upon the top area of the other side. But all you need is to handle the four corners in the same way, and leave the opposite side for later.


As soon as you finish forming around two corners, squeegee along the groove between them incrementally. Feed the material to the base of the opposite side of the recessed area during the process. Repeat these steps until the four corners, and the groove are well wrapped.


Then, you are going to get the film over to the top area on the other side. Use your free hand to pick the material up, and shift the tension away by constantly pulling with a triangle shape.


Glide your finger around to flatten out the film as you pull. Take your time and do this incrementally until all the wrinkles and bubbles are flattened out.


Now that this double-sided recessed area is basically wrapped, but it is not all done yet. You are going to deal with the top (flat) area around the enclosed section at last. And it goes back to usual, where you should handle the corners first.


Add heat to relax the material, pull with a triangle shape to even out the tension, then create glass. Once two corners are dealt with, you can pick the material up in the middle between them and handle the flat area there. Repeat the same process until the whole area is appropriately formed and wrapped.


Last but not least, do not forget to post-heat the section and double-check if there are tiny bubbles you should get away. Learn more wrap tips at teckwrap.com
Wrapping double-sided recessed area with vinyl wrap film