Wrap scooped area on back bumper in one piece of vinyl

Back bumpers vary on different vehicles. For some, there are a few scooped upper sections, which have a few grooves extending towards the trunk that make it extremely challenging to wrap with vinyl wrap film.


But still, like wrapping any other areas with vinyl wrap film, as long as you handle it correctly, the material can stay safe without getting overstretched or distorted. Here are some tips for you to wrap up a back bumper like this in one piece of vinyl.


First, apply the vinyl wrap film onto the main bumper area, and squeegee down the material to secure it in place. Do not forget to hook it around the corners of the bumper as well – Secure it right to the end of the scooped area.


However, Do not stretch it. Make sure the vinyl film is relaxed, especially in the middle area. Focus on the scooped sections first while the film on other bumper areas stays loose and hanging in the air. By doing this, you can have more of the material to feed into those grooves later.


Put your application glove on. Focus on the corner of the scooped section first. Use your free hand to hold the material away that is hanging above the trunk. As for the other hand, run the front edge of this section at a corner with your finger. Go all the way to the end of the groove on this side as you do it.


Then, keep holding the vinyl wrap film away with your free hand, while the other hand applying heat to the area above where you just went through. Remain to hold the film with your free hand, and use the palm of the other hand to press the material into the scooped area after putting the heat gun away.


By holding the material with one hand and pushing with the other, you stretch the film towards the scooped area with a triangle shape. And by doing it from up high, you feed even more of the material to the recessed area to help you wrap more smoothly.


Now that the corner of the scooped section is set. You continually glide around farther and farther towards the trunk with your finger while your free hand still holding the film away to create tension. Take your time and do it incrementally. Wrap all the way to the first groove and the next.


You do not have to run too farther to the middle area. Get the hardest and deepest part on the corner first, and work on the other corner on the scoop area in the same way. You can leave the middle part at the end because it is easiest to handle.


When both corners are wrapped, you can go for the middle area. Slide across the middle part with squeegee strokes, and tuck the material to the base of the first groove. Apply light heat to the area and relax the film before working towards the next groove.


Once you finish wrapping the middle area, go back to the corners and cut away the excess film along the edge – Do not cut towards the middle. Just cut on both corners first. Most tensions are built on the two corners. So cut there first before cutting in the middle.


Remove the excess material once it is totally cut off. Last but not least, post-heat the scooped area that you just wrapped. You will then achieve a seamless and high-quality finish with long-term durability.


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Wrap scooped area on back bumper in one piece of vinyl