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It is common to use inlays and overlays for vinyl film wrapping. When a section is too tricky to handle, and you know that the material might not be able to hold there for the long term, you would decide to use inlays or overlays because you cannot risk wrapping this part in one piece and having it fail over time.


But when should you use overlays, and when to use inlays? Because, in some cases, you might want the overlap to face out when considering durability. With a few common examples, here are some insights that might inspire you.


Front bumper

Some vehicles have funky vents. And it is hard to wrap the whole section in one piece. Many installers will try to wrap the inside around the vent separately, and there is little tension to do so. Thus, you can make it an inlay, and it will blend in on the bodyline after you wrap the main part of the bumper.


Tricky mirror

Some tricky mirrors make it difficult to wrap the whole thing in one piece. They are usually made of a particularly curvy front area and a flat back area. Unlike the front bumper mentioned above, in this case, using overlays can be a better option. Here is why:


For the curvy front part, there is a huge amount of tension, and even if you wrap it separately, it might lift over time. As for the flat back part, it is hidden from direct view. If you take advantage of this fact, you can wrap the curvy part first and make the back part overlap. The overlay will help hold the main piece at the front better and boost durability.


Back bumper

Some back bumpers come with a scooped area, which can be very severe and tricky to wrap. It is recommended to wrap the section in two pieces. But unlike a front bumper, it might be better to do it as an overlay for the scooped area. As this area can be frequently scratched or even damaged due to the usage of the trunk, you will likely want to replace the vinyl film in this area.


Making it an inlay will require you to remove all the vinyl for the back bumper. But if it is an overlay, you can take it off within minutes. If you are worried that the overlap would be too obvious, you can use a black matte piece because it can match the rubber and blend better. Or you can use anything else that looks good.


Always think about tension and durability, whether you choose to make a piece as an inlay or overlay. And you will get it right. Level up your wrap skills at

Vinyl wrapping: Inlay or overlay? | TeckWrap