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You usually have several leftover pieces when wrapping a vehicle with vinyl wrap film. To make the most of these materials, you can use them to wrap up the emblems to create a fully customized look, which includes the solid logos at the front, the back, or on the wheels.


Usually, there is a tiny surface area you can work with for an emblem. But they are generally flat (if not, there is only a moderate curve). It seems relatively easy to wrap with vinyl wrap film.


But the most challenging thing is the edges. There is usually a tight gap in between. For example, there is a tight break between the actual Chevrolet logo and the chrome on the outside. If you can handle these edges well, you will have a stress-free experience.


Here are some tips that can help:



As usual, clean any surface you are wrapping before the application. For emblems, you can wrap the hard part of your squeegee with a microfiber towel and use it to clean up the tight edges. Make sure the whole area is clean, degreased, and dry.



Apply the vinyl wrap piece to the emblem when the surface is ready. Use your squeegee to tighten it, and run your finger along all edges to secure the material. Then, sharpen your knife. It is critical to use a sharp blade so you can get a clean cut.



Before cutting, use the hard part of your squeegee again to run along the edge you are cutting, so the film is super tight to the surface. Next, cut on the side of the chrome along this edge. This way, you will have extra material to wrap around the edge and have full coverage later.


When you are about to reach a corner, make sure you stop in time. Do not let the knife jump out because it can accidentally cut the chrome. When it does, the scratch will stand out. This is a relatively easy job, but it requires great patience. So take your time to get it done correctly.


Once every excess material is cut and removed, use the hard part of your squeegee to run along all edges, feed the extra material to the tight gap, and seal them.


There you have an excellent and personalized wrapped emblem. Learn more about auto styling at

Vinyl wrapping emblems with leftover film | TeckWrap