Remove antenna for vinyl film wrapping

There are more challenges to wrap a roof with vinyl wrap film when there is an antenna, as you have to spend time and energy dealing with this raised object. Thus, it is much easier and more efficient if you can take the antenna off.


Here are two tips and methods for you to remove the antenna. You can choose your approach according to the situation:


  1. Find the light

When there is an antenna on the roof, you can look at the ceiling inside the vehicle. If there is a light directly underneath the antenna there, you have got a good chance to take it off.


Use a plastic removal tool to pry off the cover with the light, and you will find access to the bolt that holds the antenna. Loosen the bolt, and disconnect the electrical connector from the inside of the car.


You can then pull the antenna out from the outside with the loose wire when these are done. By now, you can treat the roof as a completely flat area, and wrap it with vinyl wrap film very easily. But remember to clean thoroughly before install, as lots of dirt will come out as you remove the antenna.


  1. Pull down the roof liner

Sometimes, there is no light on the ceiling that lies directly underneath the antenna. You will have to pull down the roof liner to find access to the bolt in this case. The panel can be held on by plastic molding or fabric. In either case, you have to be careful when you do it as there is a risk of bending the roof liner.


Once you pull the roof panel down, reach and loosen the bolt for the antenna and disconnect the wire in the same way. As soon as these are done, pull the antenna out from the outside. Then, you can wrap the roof with vinyl wrap film as usual.


When everything is done, put the antenna back in place cautiously. Learn more wrap tips about roof install at
Remove antenna for vinyl film wrapping