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Oftentimes, emblems ought to be removed to ensure a smooth vinyl wrapping process. For some vehicles like Corvette, Peugeot or Range Rover, their emblems are made up with separate letters, making it challenging to put them back in place precisely when the installation is done. But here is an easy and efficient trick:


Remove as normal

Emblems like Corvette’s can be fragile because they are small and thin. For a safe removal experience, put a string underneath a letter and gently remove all of them one by one. (You can also learn more about safe emblem removal through our previous article: Emblem removal for vinyl wrapping with no hassle)


Take advantage of adhesive residue

There will be adhesive residue on the vehicle. But do not rush to remove them. Take advantage of it by applying a semi-transparent pre-mask over it. Make it secure and tight. Then, use a marker to draw out the bodyline on the top and the bottom.


As soon as it is done, run your hand and push the pre-mask against the adhesive residue. Next, use your squeegee to do this again with the help of light heat, and this is almost transferring the adhesive to the pre-mask.


Once it is done, remove the pre-mask, and you will see a clear impression there, which should be an excellent template to help you put the emblems back in place when the application is finished.


Re-install emblems

By now, you can clean up the adhesive residue on the vehicle and underneath the emblems. Then, wrap the section with vinyl film as usual. When re-installing, refresh the adhesive tape for the emblems.


Then, set them one by one in place on the pre-mask following the impression. Press and secure them with the help of the leftover adhesive. And you can then take the pre-mask to the vehicle, line up the mark with the bodyline, and re-install the emblems precisely.


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Precise template for emblem reinstall after vinyl wrapping | TeckWrap