Mend bad cut around molding without having to re-do anything

When you wrap up a section with a very tight molding that have metal inside, for instance, a window, you might want to leave the molding on during your install to avoid damaging it, or for some reasons, you did not remove the molding, and it turns out your cut becomes jagged, or the vinyl wrap film did not quite cover the section fully.


If you try to take off the vinyl wrap film and rewrap the whole section, it will not only cost you money, but also take you a lot of time. The best solution is to fix it based on the result.


Let’s take a window as an example again. To fix a poorly cut area around, you should prepare a Mold n’ Hold, which is an edge seal tape with a textured black surface that looks like molding. When the tool is in hand, you can start the repair.



Although it is safer to leave the molding on considering it is easy to bend or break, you should get enough space to do the fixing for the best result. Thus, take a plastic removal tool to pry off just the side of the molding you need to fix. Just pry off around one or two centimeters so that you have a gap to work around.


Pull the molding with even tension to avoid damaging it. As soon as there is a gap, use a paper towel and alcohol to clean the area thoroughly. Clean the outside first, and use your squeegee as well as another paper towel to clean the inside.


Fix the edge

When the surface is clean and dry, line the top edge of the Mold n’ Hold along the area that was badly cut, covering only the outside of the frame of the window. Take your time to do it, and make sure the tape lines up with the body line symmetrically. When the tape is set in place, glide your finger along the way.


It is crucial that you then start working from the corner (if there is one). Pick the tape up, and use your squeegee to feed it to the base of the molding. When you finish setting up the corner, you can glide your squeegee all the way through the gap to seal the tape down. Last but not least, use a sharp knife to cut the excess tape off from the two ends.


By now, you have a section that looks just as it is perfectly and fully wrapped by vinyl wrap film without having to remove anything. Visit for more wrap tips.

Mend bad cut around molding without having to re-do anything