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Many car wrap installers might have experienced that scraps of the vinyl film end up getting to the tip of your heat gun. This is something you should deal with, probably right away. Otherwise, it can lead to danger.


Melted scraps

When those vehicle wrap pieces reach the tip of your heat gun, they are very likely to get melted because the gun has been hot for a long time. And when they do, they will stick to the front of your heat gun.


Why you should clean it right away

If you continue using the heat gun without removing those scraps, the high temperature will make them smoke. And those chemicals are definitely not good to breathe in, especially if you use a PVC material. Thus, it is necessary to clean them up as soon as possible.


Clean safely

As the heat gun is still hot, you need to clean it in a safe way. First, disconnect it from any electric source. And you can spray soap and water around the tip of the gun. Doing this will lower the temperature, and the scraps will be hardened.


Once you reach this point, use your blade to cut the vinyl scraps off and wipe away the excess. If your heat gun stays hot, cool it down one more time before proceeding. When cutting, extend your blade so that it is long enough, which can help you avoid harming yourself out of the heat.


For the parts you cannot cut away, scrape them off. Do it thoroughly until everything is completely off the tip of the side. Do not touch the front of the heat gun during the process. Or you might burn yourself because of the high heat.


Your heat gun will be back in good shape as soon as it is done. And you can carry on wrapping with no stress. Learn more about wrapping at

Car wrapping: Maintain heat gun in good shape | TeckWrap