Key facts about matte vinyl wrap film

As a stylish and eye-catching vinyl wrap film, matte has been many fashionistas’ first choice when personalizing their cars. But there are some key facts you should know about this material because it is literally different from other kinds, requiring more attention to some extent when wrapping.



Matte wrap film is considered a standard wrap film. Thus, you can wrap without stress, applying in whichever direction you want. Its color and hue will remain uniform.


Sensitive Surface

Matte vinyl wrap film is particularly sensitive. When squeegeeing across the surface, it is good to use a new buffer. And remember to avoid peaking or squeegeeing at a high angle because these will lead to scratches. Keep your squeegee as low as possible.



Scratches can still occur during or after the wrapping since matte vinyl wrap film is sensitive. Light scratches can be self-healed easily, but if they are deep ones, they will stay on the surface.


Likewise, wrinkles can appear when installing. When it happens, pick the material up and apply light heat. With the memory effect triggered, the film will self-heal. And you can then re-apply the material.


Cautious Heating

Do not use a propane torch when heating a matte film. Using a propane torch can be risky if you get too close to the matte surface or go too slowly, as the flame will gloss the surface.


When you need to apply heat and stretch the matte material, use just enough heat to soften the vinyl, and pull it evenly. Do not use too much heat or pull too hard (over 10%). Otherwise, the finish will gloss too.


If overstretched, you can pick the panel up and apply light heat, which will, too, trigger the memory effect of the film and get it back in shape. Then, you can re-apply it.


(However, if the matte film becomes glossy because of using a propane torch rather than overstretching, it will not self-heal. You will have to take a new piece to re-apply.)


Low Surface Energy

A matte film has low surface energy, and thus, you should take time to prep it when creating inlays or overlays. Clean and degrease it will help the top layer stick better and stay on top of the matte surface for the long term.



As a sensitive type of vinyl, it is essential to take aftercare of matte film. Most types of relevant products can be used for this purpose. But an excellent degreaser and specific aftercare product can be particularly helpful.


For ceramic coating, make sure you choose the product accordingly because it will gloss or change the color of a matte finish if used one that does not suit.


Here are the most crucial facts about matte film. Keep them in mind for a smoother process on your next install. Learn more wrap tips at
Key facts about matte vinyl wrap film