How to use Triline to achieve full coverage hood

As many vehicles are made with composite hoods today, wrapping the top edge of a hood with vinyl wrap film can become challenging sometimes. They now usually have thicker edges than those in the past, which is more difficult to get full coverage.


But here is an excellent method to help you solve the problem: all you need is to prepare a roll of Tirline tape.


As always, clean the hood thoroughly before your install, and take the Triline, apply the first string of it along the top edge of the hood. (The other two strings should be hanging in the air) You have to be patient when doing this, as the string should be matching up the edge precisely and symmetrically from side to side. When it is done, seal it with your finger, making sure it is well secured.


Next, apply the vinyl wrap film to the hood properly, and pull out the string of the Triline that is farthest away from the one that is on the edge of the hood. Remove the excess material and the tape of the filming of the Triline. You will then have an extra centimeter of material to wrap around the edge.


By now, you only have to use your fingers to seal the edge of the vinyl wrap film to the backside of the hood, rather than have trouble reaching across the engine to squeegee it down.


Using Triline to wrap the top edge of the hood can save you from potential problems and save your time and energy while ensuring high-quality, which is a perfect option. Try it out if you have not. Happy wrapping!


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How to use Triline to achieve full coverage hood