Guarantee for quality: edge seal tape

When wrapping a challenging section like mirror in one piece of vinyl wrap film, tension builds on the film. And it is risky even if you have done everything right. But there is one thing that can save you and be the guarantee for the quality: edge seal tape.


Let’s do an experiment, if you wrap two mirrors with the same and proper technique, but both skip post-heating, one with an edge seal tape wrapped around the edge, while the other has only the vinyl wrap film wrapped to the edge, what would happen?


It turns out the vinyl wrap film on the mirror with the edge seal tape can still stay well on the next day. However, the other one has shown a great part of the original color of the car as the film bounced back a lot, which tells a lot.


For sections like bumpers or mirrors, even if you follow the correct work sequence and do all the wrap steps properly, there is still a chance of the vinyl wrap film jumping back.


For mirror, it is usually because of tension. As for parts like bumpers, dirt and moisture can easily get underneath and build up there, which affects the performance of the vinyl wrap film over time.


Whenever vinyl wrap film lifts because of these, you would have to re-wrap the whole section. And it costs you. But with the help of edge seal tape, it is like you have got your finish a promising insurance.


Edge seal tape is usually black, so it is an excellent match for almost every color. It takes only a few minutes to wrap around an edge, but it can give you great relief. Thus, get some of them prepared in hand. It can surely save you from a lot of potential frustrations.


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Guarantee for quality: edge seal tape