Create precise inlay for recessed area with vinyl wrap film

When working on a color change project, there are sections on a vehicle where you have to create pieces of inlay to ensure quality. For instance, a license plate section with a deep recessed area on top.


Wrapping the whole section in one piece is risky in this case. A single wrong approach can lead to failure. An advanced installer might be confident enough to wrap it in one piece. But it is undoubtedly going to take hours and hours if you want to get it done perfectly.


Thus, an inlay is the best solution after all. Now the question becomes: How to create a perfect inlay to fit in the area?


First, take a piece of vinyl wrap film that can roughly cover the whole license plate area, which can be a scrap piece.  Apply the vinyl wrap film onto the section, and bridge it over the license plate area. Use your finger to go along the contour of the area. Make sure the film is applied tight.


Sharpen your blade, and cut evenly along the top edge of the area. Make sure it is symmetrical on both sides. Use your finger to seal the top edge once you finish cutting.


This cut is like a relief cut, which takes out the tension in the middle of the vinyl wrap film. Now you can squeegee the middle part onto the flat area of the license plate with no stress.


Now, as the flat area is covered, the deep recessed area is exposed. You will have a better idea in terms of where the inlay should go. Use a dry erase marker to mark it down along the outline. Then, remove the whole scrap piece. Apply cutting tape along the edge of your mark.


Once the tape is on, use your finger to secure it. And remove the mark. By now, you have got a precise outline for the inlay piece you need. And this is going to help you achieve high-quality and long-term durability with high efficiency.


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Create precise inlay for recessed area with vinyl wrap film