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Cutting material such as craft vinyl film is a must-have for personalizing your vehicle or branding for a business purpose. It is also a good choice when you feel like wrapping your car only partially.


These partly car wrapping materials usually have a pre-masking layer with backing paper on, which is good for securing the graphics in the right position, even when removing the liner.


The pre-cut films or craft vinyl are generally easier to install than a full wrap film. But it still needs the right approach to get a perfect finish. Here are some tips about applying pre-cut vinyl films:


Cleaning is always important

Like all car wrap installations, you must thoroughly clean the surface before applying a pre-cut vinyl film, ensuring the material stays there well and long.


Find the right position

Before sticking the piece to the surface, you can put masking tapes on both sides of the cutting material, and create a temporary hinge, so you can better find the perfect position for it.


Set a permanent hinge

As soon as you find the correct place to install the piece, you can use a long strip of masking tape to create a permanent hinge. Then, secure the pre-cut piece in the correct position, and this can be done vertically or horizontally.


Release the backing paper

Once the permanent hinge is there, you can flip around the panel, and incrementally remove the backing paper. Do not release it entirely at once. When you do it, pull and hold the pre-masking tape and the backing paper with even tension simultaneously.


As for your free hand, squeegee down the pre-masking layer with 45-degree angle strokes. Before pulling off the permanent hinge and the pre-masking layer, ensure the material is wholly secured.


Pull off the pre-mask with even tension

When removing the pre-masking layer, pull slowly and firmly with even tension. Start from a corner, and pull at a 180-degree angle. Make sure you make it as close to the surface as possible, which can avoid pulling off the vinyl accidentally.


It is not a complicated process. But following the proper workflow and steps can help you ensure perfection. As soon as you get everything done, you can enjoy your unique finish without any further concerns. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Wrapping with pre-cut vinyl film | TeckWrap