Wrap around license plate without getting adhesive lines

When wrapping a license plate area with a vehicle wrap, many installers tend to bridge the material over the section, and wrap from the outside towards the steep area.


This is nothing wrong. However, it can leave adhesive lines in some cases by doing this. Here is a different way where you can wrap around the section without overstretching the vinyl wrap film or getting adhesive lines:


Instead of doing it the typical way, you can now try wrapping from the middle towards the outside. First, put a masking tape at the top of the license plate area, which can help lower the surface energy so that the vehicle wrap does not grab the surface.


Set the material properly, barely bridge it over the back bumper section. You can then pick the vinyl film up from one side, start right from the middle, and tuck the material right at the middle point of the license plate area.


Put on your application glove, and start forming the film. Finish handling one side before you deal with the other. Thus, get the left side done before you wrap the right.


As you form the film around the steep area, continuously pick the material up and relax it. Make sure you read the wrinkles or bubbles to adjust the wrap accordingly during the process. Feed the film to the section and conform it incrementally until everything is flat.


Also, as you hold the vehicle wrap with one hand, do not forget to keep it high so that it does not touch the surface. When squeegee, do it mildly, and these will help you avoid getting adhesive lines.


When you get to the outside of the area, make a vertical relief cut around the corner so the wrap can swing around smoothly. Pick the film up – Again, keep it away from the surface. There might be tension. And you can add slight heat to relax it.


When it cools down, gently pull it around the outside corner of the bumper, secure and set it down. You can then adjust any flat area around the license plate accordingly.


Once it is done, you can handle the other side with the same method. By doing this, you are safe to achieve a well-wrapped license plate area with high quality. For more wrap tips, visit teckwrap.com

Wrap around license plate without getting adhesive lines