Why you should wait after vinyl film wrapped on vehicle

Mostly, manufacturers would tell you clearly on the manual that it is recommended to leave a vehicle in the working space for 24 hours right after you wrap it. Yet, people tend to neglect this most of the time. Or they do not quite have the condition to do it.


In fact, it would affect the quality and durability of the finish if you do not leave a wrapped vehicle for 24 hours and let it run outside right away (or within 24 hours). Here is why:


Physically speaking, even if the surface of a vehicle looks smooth, there is no 100% flat area. If you put it under a microscope, you will see that every surface has peaks and valleys.


When you first apply the vinyl wrap film onto the surface, the material is merely sticking on the peaks, leaving the valleys uncovered. In 24 hours, the adhesive will gradually flow into those valleys and help the film reach the maximum adhesion, depending on the temperature of the workspace –


The warmer the room is, the faster the adhesive can flow. As the adhesive flows into the valleys, the vinyl wrap film gets entirely on the surface, and it will stay well there for the long term.


Thus, this is almost like the golden 24-hour that determine how long the finish can last with good quality. After 24 hours, the adhesive is basically settled in where it is. If it did not flow through, the adhesion of the material is weak. It might lift over time even though you have wrapped properly.


But what can you do if you really do not have that condition to leave a wrapped car for 24 hours? As mentioned above, a warm temperature can help the adhesive flow. With this knowledge, a wrapper can use heat to speed up the process if there is no time for you.


Although it might be slow, it is better than nothing. As long as the adhesive flows through, it will keep you from a lot of potential problems. Learn more about wrapping at teckwrap.com

Why you should wait after vinyl film wrapped on vehicle