What can happen if you skip post-heating

There is a lot to consider if you want to achieve a perfect finish with vinyl wrap film: the needed size of the panels, the temperature of your workspace, the right material for the car you are wrapping, and the proper technique during install…


You have to think of every detail from pre-production to post-production because you might end up failing even if you just missed one step, for example, post-heat. Post-heat is something that is often overlooked, even though it takes a wrapper around 15 minutes to do only.


Suppose you did everything well, and the vinyl wrap film was applied absolutely properly. In that case, the material can still stay well in the flat areas on a vehicle without post-heating.


But for the sections where there are recessed areas and where the film was stretched, skipping post-heating can lead to an irreparable result and costly re-do.


For instance, the vinyl wrap film on the front bumper will start lifting over time without post-heating. Moisture and dirt will get in and build up there. As soon as this happens, there is no way you can fix the wrap. And this section has to be done again, even though the lifespan of the film is three-year.


Meanwhile, the material on a section like mirror can lift and shrink on the edge because of the memory of the film. But this is not as bad, as you can use a particular method to fix it.


However, when it comes to somewhere with extreme recessed areas, like the sections around a trunk, the wrap job will end up being a total failure without post-heating, as the material will bounce back, and contaminant will then build up on the material, which is irreparable…


These will all happen only because a 15-minute post-heating is skipped. And you would then have to re-wrap the failing parts, spending extra money and time that you could have saved.


Thus, always remember to take your time and post-heat. This can help you avoid those issues above and save you from future frustration.


More importantly, post-heating can ensure a high-quality and long durability finish that satisfies both the wrapper and the car owner. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

What can happen if you skip post-heating