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Some installers are used to removing hardware when wrapping a section with vinyl wrap film. For example, they will take off the roof rack so they can wrap the roof in one piece for full coverage with high quality.


As soon as the application is made, they will cut out the places for the pegs or whatever holds the rack to reinstall the hardware. By doing this, they can achieve a perfect seamless finish.


There is nothing wrong with doing so. But when you think of the time when replacing or removing the wrapped vinyl, it will lower your efficiency because you have to take off the roof rack again before you can get rid of the material.


But there is a handy trick to avoid this unnecessary hassle, and it will not even take you minutes to do:


Taking a roof as an example again, you can work as usual:

  • Remove the roof racks.
  • Prep the surface.
  • Apply the vinyl wrap film to the section.
  • Cut and make space to reinstall the hardware.


But before completely setting a roof rack back in place, you can mark the shape it covers on the wrap. If you are using a metal knife, you can lightly mark around with the metal (without the blade) by creating a mild scratch.


Then, put the rack aside again, and cut on the inside along the shape you have. Using a pen to mark is possible, but you might accidentally paint on the rack or the vinyl.


After removing all those excess pieces, you can reinstall the rack. Some might cut directly around the roof racks after reinstalling. But it is risky, as you might accidentally cut the roof or scratch the inside.


However, cutting on the inside of where it covers is safe, and you will have perfect full coverage from the outside. More importantly, when you need to remove the wrap on this roof in the future, there is no need to take off the racks again.


For a better experience, it is recommended to try this energy-saving and promising way in this situation. Visit for more wrap tips.

Vinyl wrapping with hardware: Think for the future | TeckWrap