Wrapping front bumper with vehicle film | TeckWrap

For certain vehicles, wrapping the front bumper can be challenging, especially because of the area around a front light. But your day can become easier with the right approach to the front bumper. Here are some general tips for you:


Set up the best position

Before the installation, it is better to lift the car to a level where the front bumper is slightly above the height of your knees. This can help you approach the area more easily.


Get ready

Sometimes, it is better to bridge the vehicle wrap between the hood and the front bumper when wrapping around the front lights (unless it is a vehicle like BMW X6). Thus, you should prop the hood before getting started.


Wrap as normal

As soon as everything is ready, you can start wrapping as usual. Work from side to side and step by step. But do not forget that you should always handle corners first and deal with the flat area in the end. Apply as little heat to the material as possible during the process to avoid overstretching or distorting the vinyl.


Tackle recessed areas first

Feed the vinyl to all angles and recessed areas first. When reaching the area around the front light, bridge the film between the hood and the front bumper. Then, use an IR heater to heat it evenly. Doing this allows you to work it to the corner around the area with no stress.


Do not force to feed the material when there is a tremendous amount of tension. Instead, do it when it is loose. Otherwise, the vehicle wrap can be distorted and bring failure. Once the film reaches the base, make a relief cut and carry on, forming it to the corner.


Deal with the middle section

When wrapping, the car wrap can tend to bunch up in the middle section. For certain vehicles, there is a corner in the middle, which is kind of a beak. In this case, remember to handle this corner first. Work the film away from that corner, and the material will not bunch up in the middle.


Follow and repeat

When you finish one side, follow the same work sequence to deal with the other (Corner first and middle last). In this way, you should be able to achieve a high-quality and durable finish smoothly without worries. Visit teckwrap.com for more wrap tips.

Wrapping front bumper with vehicle film | TeckWrap