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When wrapping a roof with vinyl wrap film, leaving the antenna on is more efficient sometimes, especially when you come across an antenna with hard-to-reach access.


Although it adds challenges to the wrapping process, there is a simple way to perfectly wrap an antenna in one piece of vinyl wrap with zero tension. Here is how you can do it:


Be well prepared

Before applying, put masking tape on the roof around the antenna. This can help lower surface energy. Your vehicle wrap will not grab the surface during the installation, and you can tuck the material under the antenna more easily later.


Then, remember to clean the antenna thoroughly. Even if you have cleaned it beforehand when wrapping the main surface of the roof, double-check and wipe it over with a microfiber towel.


Start from the back

Tack the vinyl film panel at the back of the roof and pull it firmly towards the front, locking the material at the steepest part of the antenna. Remember to apply light heat to relax the film during the process.


As you pull, you pull along the bodyline of the antenna in the middle (instead of pulling at a triangle shape), which is the central point. Run your finger along this line to secure the film to the surface then.


Heat, shrink, and squeegee

You can now apply heat again to slightly shrink the material and squeegee it down from top to bottom. There will be small wrinkles, but you can constantly add light heat.


As you squeegee, the tension will get even out at the end when you reach the base. Slightly heat it up, relax the vehicle wrap, and tuck it under the antenna properly.


When one side is done, repeat the same process to the other side until the antenna is fully wrapped. You can pick the material up on the outside, use a micro squeegee to run around the base, and tuck the vinyl further.


Once everything is done, cut away the excess film. And there you have a zero-tension antenna with full coverage. Easy and efficient! Equip yourself with more wrapping knowledge at
Vinyl wrapping antenna with zero tension | TeckWrap