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When talking about lowering the installation time of vinyl wrap film and keeping high quality simultaneously, some installers might get the idea of how they can improve during the application. However, it is more about how well you prepare before working on the surface.


In the case of following the correct protocol, here are some things you can do which can dramatically improve your installation efficiency without affecting the quality and durability you can achieve:


Set the rule

It is always good to ask your client to drop their car in your wrap shop a day before the installation. If you are wrapping your own car, you can also start preparing the day before. Doing this can save your energy for the application the next day, as you might have to wait hours for your client to show up.


Secondly, there is some handy work you can do: You can remove the hardware as you need, clean thoroughly, and get everything ready beforehand. By doing this, the vehicle should be fully dry the next day, and you can start the installation right away.


Do not over-remove hardware or over-wrap

Besides costing you more time, removing hardware always comes with the risk of damaging it. You could break the clips behind a light or bend the chrome inside a molding… Some tricky parts are challenging to wrap with vinyl wrap film, while others are not. Thus, wrap a section with the hardware on when you can.


(There are many articles at that can teach you how to wrap different sections with the hardware on)


Also, there is no need to over-wrap a section. For example, when wrapping a light-color headlight, you can wrap a bit farther away to hide the original color, but it is unnecessary to wrap it all the way in. Doing this will cost you more materials and take you more time, especially if it is a difficult section to wrap.


Know your material

Using the wrong vinyl wrap film for an installation is not good, but it is even worse if you do not know your material well. Before applying the film, you should have a clear mind about it. Take a look at the vehicle, and get an idea of how you can wrap different sections with what you have.


If you find a challenging area, think about the properties of your vinyl film. Ask yourself a few questions to have a clear clue:

  • Should you wrap it in one piece or use overlaps? Should it be an inlay or overlay for a better blend-in?
  • Is the vinyl flexible enough to tackle this spot? If not, what can be the solution? Can some small pieces of other materials be combined to create a customized look while avoiding potential failure?


Do it smartly

If you are installing a full print wrap, have a clear mind regarding your design. The design should be aesthetical and practical. It is a common challenge to deal with the hood, bumper, fender, roof, and trunk, as it is hard to match the graphics on these sections.


There are designs where the images do not connect these areas, but create a great connection as a whole finish. If you can come up with a design like this, it will save you a massive amount of time when installing.


Observe before proceeding

Like any application, do not just jump into action. Take a look at the vehicle first. When wrapping a full print wrap, the graphics will get distorted if you overstretch it, which will look obvious and affect the whole finish.


Observing the car beforehand can help you discover the “risky areas” that might lead to failure. You can avoid it by wrapping it in several pieces. Get an idea of which panel should go last to hide the overlap. You can usually take advantage of the bodylines and edges of recessed areas.


Save the measuring time when you can

It is essential to keep a distance when adding letters to areas near parts like door handles, wheel wells, and license plates. You can put the letters three inches away from these areas to achieve the best performance. And you can do it efficiently by making a three-inch buffer to save measuring time.


All of these tips have nothing to do with the actual application. However, if you follow in everyday practice, you can achieve a perfect result with high efficiency. Equip yourself with handy wrap tips at
Vinyl wrapping: Top quality with high efficiency | TeckWrap