Vinyl wrapping: Customized door handle accent | TeckWrap

There are some door handles with a tiny piece of accent in the middle, which has sharp corners and tight gaps around them. And it is tricky to install a chrome delete vinyl on it. But with a clear mind and proper workflow, it should be easy to do. Here is how:


First, clean up the door handle, especially the gaps. This area tends to have oil. Thus, make sure you degrease it thoroughly. You can put your squeegee in a microfiber towel to reach the tight gaps better. Remember to use heat to dry out the section as soon as you finish cleaning.


Next, apply the vinyl film to the area. Do not remove the liner completely, and do it bit by bit incrementally. Use your free hand to pull the piece firmly while the other hand is tacking the film to the surface. Secure the material in place with your finger. Read the section when applying, as the material will tend to bunch up at the corners. You should pay extra attention there.


Once the vinyl wrap is set, sharpen your blade and cut off the excess material. When doing it, cut on the body side of the handle with a light touch, so you will have extra material to get full coverage without cutting the surface by accident.


Also, angle your blade away as you cut. Be patient when you get to the corners to ensure it is cut clean. Once you finish cutting, remove the excess material. And double-check if there is anything left that you should cut away. Then, cut along the break between the handle's long and short sections.


Last but not least, use a micro squeegee to conform the vinyl to the tight gaps of this area. You can use heat to relax the material and ease the process. As soon as you finish, double-check whether everything is set tight. And there you have a unique customized door handle. Visit for more wrapping tactics.

Vinyl wrapping: Customized door handle accent | TeckWrap